Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello again!

So it's been 2 years since I used this blog and forgot how to login, my user name and password and how to design a blog! I am back and hope to see old and new friends again here!

I think I will share my love of cooking with you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

20 Years

 April 27, 2011 Eddie & I marked our 20 year anniversary. It was a busy day and life kept moving forward. We went to the Annual Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, NV-AZ for an adult weekend with our friends Hutch & Lisa.

April 27, 1991
April 30, 2011

I thought the backpack would be
going into a saddle bag :p
my hubby

Ducks @ Harrah's Laughlin
Headed back home to Vegas. this was my view from Lisa's Trike
We had a really great time, and are looking forward to going again next year!
Tommy on right, bobber on left

reminded me of the old Batmobile

Hutch & Lisa

Ed's ideas, bobber future
Tres Amigos
Me and Lisa

Ed has to touch it! 

They converted this Sportster into a trike with
a kit that looks like training wheels :)

Another bobber, inspiration for Ed

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I entered the redneck sport of NASCAR

My sis-in-laws family was in town for the weekend and stayed in the camper ring at NASCAR with the Peterson clan from Utah. They had an extra ticket for Saturday race Sam's Town 300 and invited me, i said "sure why not! I'll try it once!"
Now I have NEVER been a fan of NASCAR but I recommend everyone attends a live race at least once in their life. It was great!
Quinn, Paige & Carol Peterson
We were rooting for Danica Patrick #7
Let the race begin!

These photographers had the best places!
Final turn #4 this is the winning placing. Danica came in 4th
Then My brother told me he could get tickets for Sunday race, the Kobalt 400 and we were going to surprise John with them, Sam was working to get the day off from Army Reserves. No luck, she was there all day so I took John and he was so excited!
Sam at reserves
She was working hard!

I told him Samantha had a surprise for him and I tried so hard to drive all the way there before I told him where we were going, I just couldn't do it.

excited to be here!
This escalator that was under the track to the pits went on forever!
race beginning
view from the VIP suite

Jerry got us VIP suite tickets, so we were on the roof of the suites at the start of the race
We had VIP passes so we went looking for the Peterson camp site
from atop of the Peterson trailer at turn #2
Ran into the Thunderbird Pilots #1Commander Leader Lt. Col. Case Cunningham & #2 left wing Capt. Ryan Riley

this trailer has a pool table to the right and the guy is sitting a chair  on top a ladder

it was a fun day

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dee 2 week R&R

It was over almost as quickly as it began. My sweet soldier girl was here and gone. 2 weeks was just enough time to get in lots of fun things and we miss her so much already. 

 We waited almost 2 hours for her to arrive at the airport, due to not knowing her flight number, but the departure time from Dallas-Fort Worth. We eagerly stalked the entry by luggage carousel one, with our signs, flowers and smiles.

Got my soldier

Cousin John

Sisters reunited

Cousin Allie
Then we went to Cali for the weekend to see Karissa, Nate and baby Nora. We also visited Gma & Gayne.
Dee learning to skim board

Baby Nora's first visit to the beach

missing Samantha

Me & my Dee

Sweet girls Dee & Court

They wrestled each other into the ocean

fun times

Proud dad Nate & Karissa w/Nora

Happy cousins Courtney, Karissa & Dee

Little Lemme family

Lots of shopping while Dee was home, as well as a movie or two. Time with Dad between long hours of work. For Valentines day the girls decided to have a night out, since their boyfriends don't live here. The went to the NewYork New York and saw Zumanity.

More shopping and Dee got a tattoo
Bad ass Tinkerbell

Madame Tussaudes Wax Museum 

a night out at Phantom of the Opera.

Ladies night at the Opera

This was the last night, and we took Dee to the airport at 6:00 the next day. We will see her again this summer when she comes home for good, from deployment!